Sailor Moon Cosplay Costume-Why and How?


Anyone knows what to expect when they go to Comicons. There are going to be dozens of Walking Dead fans, countless Game of Thrones addicts, and handfuls of any other fandom that you could name. Then there are always the classics; DragonBall Z die hards and any B-movie of the eighties or nineties you could possibly think of. Or Quentin Tarantino fans. Those too.


But what about Sailor Moon? She was one of the classic heroines of Anime and Manga! She’s an easily recognizable character and she might be one of the easiest characters to dress up as (granted you intend on getting hair extensions instead of fixing your hair like hers). Her red white and blue skirted outfit can be purchased on any costume site, but if you’re wanting to go ‘commando’ so to speak and make the costume yourself, it’s one of the easiest to make because of the simple fabrics that go into the design. Sailor Moon’s cosplay┬ácostume nearly looks like a female naval officer, and that’s simple to replicate for experienced cosplayers or those who are new to the hobby!


Perhaps one of the greatest things about cosplaying as Sailor Moon, is the possibility of playing with a group of friends. Whether you’re a group of girls, a gang of guys, or a mix of both, the cosplaying world has little discrimination for those who want to dress as the opposite sex. There are nearly a dozen if not more playable characters in the Sailor universe, even a couple of male characters. So if you’re looking to hit the local Con in classic style, with a group of friends in a massive matching set that no one can miss, perhaps you should take a look at the Sailor Moon cosplaying options. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll be pleased with the outcomes!